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Ifield Therapy 

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Treatment plans

Hypnotherapy (RTT)

works effectively for addictions, anger, performance anxiety, body pains, compulsions, confidence, emotional overwhelm, phobias, sleep deprivation, weight issues

1-3 session treatment

Psychotherapy with Hypnosis

weekly psychotherapy with hypnotherapy recommended for bereavement, depression, feeling suicidal or lonely, health problems, relationships and complexes of issues

4-6 sessions

Fees: £65 for a consultation or a psychotherapy session (1.5hrs), £185 for a hypnotherapy session (2.5hrs).

Please call 07814642212 or e-mail [email protected] to book an appointment.

Hypnotherapy (RTT) treatment package

1. Initial consultation  & prep

(1.5hrs) - to identify the issues, expectations and desires, experience hypnosis

2. Hypnotherapy sessions

(2.5hrs) - to find out the root cause of the issue and work on the required shifts in consciousness

3. Bespoke audio

(15-20min, e-mailed or posted) - to listen daily for 3 weeks to support the change

Therapy practice locations


Complementary Health Centre

184 Westcombe Hill

London SE3 7DH

(free parking for 2hrs)




Victory Way

Admirals Park Crossways

Dartford DA2 6QD

(free parking)