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Initial consultation

prior to any further therapy, up to 1hr

to clarify the issues to work on and decide on further therapy

You will receive terms and conditions, a privacy statement, intake form and relevant questionnaires prior to the appointment or once we meet. We will talk about your situation, concerns and expectations. 


weekly or fortnightly sessions, up to 1hr

to understand the causes of your distress to regain your sense of control

You will engage in therapy that integrates most relevant approaches at the pace that suits you best and in the ways that work for you. 


along psychotherapy, up to 1.5hrs sessions

to assist therapeutic process for deeper and more intensive work  

You will be provided with a bespoke hypnosis audio right after the session. It is important that you listen to it daily for at least 3 weeks as part of the therapy.

Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

integrated briefly, for a few sessions

Hypnotherapy can be integrated as one of therapeutic tools 

It involves extra commitment and effort (listening to your personalised audio) between the sessions and afterwards. This is based on understanding that our mind learns through repetition. 

Services, Hyp, Psy

Location & Fees

Therapy Remotely and in Person

Online and/or in person at 

Regus, Victory Way, Admirals Park, Crossways, Dartford DA2 6QD

Parking fee £2/2hrs payable via app, QR code in situ


Initial consultation £65, subsequent sessions £80/hr

Call or email for a free chat prior to scheduling a consultation.

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