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Ifield Therapy 

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for your physical and emotional balance



Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

1-3 session treatment

resolving addictions, compulsions, anxiety, fears, physical pain, panic attacks, sleep and weight issues


Integrative approach (bespoke)

9-12 weekly sessions including hypnotherapy

dealing with depression, loss, general anxiety, low energy, motivation, obsessions, identity and relationship issues, suicidal thoughts

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Substance and behavioural addictions

Seeking to escape or quite down your busy mind but seem getting trapped even more?

It's good to notice the cycle - that's where a journey to change begins. Next step is to track down where and how the trap was set.

Feeling low, lonely, suicidal, overwhelmed

As if time has stopped, or feeling like lost in a maze, numb or seeing only one way to stop this suffering... Looking backwards and forwards with that unescapable feeling of emptiness,  disconnect, not belonging. It wasn't always like that; it somehow started or accumulated.

There is a way out and always, more than one.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks

As if not yourself anymore, not in control, not the way you'd like to be or live? Being hard on yourself doesn't work... Emotions: sometimes totally absent, other times - overwhelming...

Maybe you can start noticing the difference between what you truly want and what you are telling yourself.

Bereavement, anger, trauma

Somebody has done something to you, or something is causing your suffering? Seeing so much unfairness around you?

This sense of helplessness, frustration, disappointment... mixed feelings - it can all change by finding a new 'normal life', balance.

Weight, pain, other health issues

Doing all the right things but not getting anywhere? There's something you want to get rid of. Whatever is keeping you stuck or sucking you in - you don't have to live with it. 

You can shift it once you know why it all started.

Confidence, self-worth, attracting relationship

'If only I... could, said, did, had, made, was...' - feeling incomplete, judged, rejected, unworthy? Whether you've noticed this recently or you think you've been like this all your life - it has a beginning, the root cause.

Understanding what's keeping you behind will dissolve the sense of incompleteness.

Your story is unique. In therapy, we find your way HOW YOU WANT TO BE and live feeling at ease with yourself and others.